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About Us | Okabashi Philippines

WELCOME TO OKABASHI! We wish you wellness!

Okabashi’s dream to deliver foot comfort at an affordable price began taking shape in the United States in 1983. Today it is blessed to be a thriving business that has sold more than 30 million pairs!

Comfort in every Okabashi footbed, starts with the principles of a traditional Oriental therapy called Reflexology. Reflexology underscores how nerves in the foot are connected to various organs and muscle groups in the human body. Across all Okabashi styles, massage beads are strategically positioned on the ergonomically-designed footbed to stimulate nerves that will in turn deliver a healing impact to the various organs and muscle groups.

Today, more than 98% of all footwear sold in the U.S. is manufactured overseas, yet Okabashi continues production where it was originally established: in Georgia, U.S.A. More than 250 employees are committed to perfecting the design, comfort, and durability of these unique shoes. Using a recyclable material called Microplast ™, Okabashi found its way into the "green" market long before ’’ecological awareness“ was all the rage. Okabashi’s plant uses a zero-waste production practice, regrinding waste material to be recycled into new Okabashis.

 So as you can see, Okabashi has much to stand on,
and in many significant ways, clearly "... more than a shoe“!